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Where is that...

I absolutely despise getting into a project, needing an item, and having to stop to go on an endless hunt to find said item.

One area that I decided to stop searching through was my kitchen and specifically my measuring cups and spoons.

I bought some hooks (like these), used my label maker (like this one), and decided on a place in my kitchen that I was most likely going to stand while baking.

I labeled the areas for each of the cups and spoons, so that I could easily access them while I was baking (and covered in flour because that is always my issue) and then my husband or kids could put them away in the CORRECT spot as they unloaded the dishwasher.

This was a simple way that I made my kitchen work for me - and I wasn't digging around in a drawer, covered in flour saying...."Where is that....."

Show me your measuring cups and spoons!

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